8 “Camo Wedding Dress” For Outdoorsy Brides

Hunting Camouflage 

Hunting camouflage allows hunters to blend in with their environment by imitating a particular type of environment. This camouflage uses earth colors overlaid with images that depict tree branches, leaves, and other types. However, other colors such as pink and orange are also common. Common camo wedding dress fabric for wedding dresses is hunting camouflage.

1. Camouflage for Military Use

Military camouflage is not like hunting camouflage which features detailed photographs of vegetation. Instead, it uses complex patterns and color combinations that make the wearer difficult to spot or invisible.

2. Army Camo Wedding Dress

Two types of camouflage can be called Army Camo. The traditional camouflage is woodland camo, or the camouflage that was used by the armed services. This can also be used to refer to the current digital camouflage pattern that is being used by the military. This camo pattern has seven colors and earth tones that range from olive to cream, dark brown to dark brown. It is organized in a pixelated layout.

3. Realtree Camo Wedding Dress

Realtree Camo is a well-known brand of hunting camouflage. It features a wide variety of patterns that mimic different terrains and have an unique three-dimensional appearance.

4. Predator Camo Wedding Dress

Predator camo can be used as hunting camouflage, just like Realtree camo. Predator camo is a brand of hunting camo wedding dress that uses open pattern technology. This makes it more difficult to concentrate on your body than traditional three-dimensional patterns. These patterns can be used in a variety of outdoor settings and feature bold, irregular layers of images of leaves, branches, and other vegetation.

5. Pink Camo 4 And 5

A pink camo wedding gown is the perfect choice for a camo that feels feminine but also edgy. Every camo pattern available on the market, from 3-D graphics with realistic vegetation to the timeless woodland style, comes in a pink shade.

6. Digital Camo 

Digital camouflage refers to a modern camo wedding dress design that uses computer algorithms to create micro- and macro-patterns with a pixelated appearance. Digital camouflage can be seen in the Universal Camouflage Pattern which was the camouflage used by the US Armed Forces up to 2014.

7. Desert Camo 

This type of military camo blends into the desert landscape. It uses a six-color desert pattern, also known as a chocolate chip. The base of the desert camouflage design is a light tan, with broad swathes in pale green and two-tone brown. The pattern is made up of a variety of black and white spots that mimic the appearance and shadows of pebbles. This camo pattern is not as common as many others.

8. Woodland Camo 

Camo is the most iconic of all camo patterns. This is what you see when you picture a camo wedding gown. Woodland camo is now a very popular camo and the most preferred camo pattern in the fashion industry. This camouflage is four-color and high-contrast. It uses irregular markings and earthy neutral colors (sand brown, green, and black).

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