A Guide to the “Cartier Wedding Band” Selections

Cartier is a luxury jewel brand that has been widely recognized around the globe. The Cartier Wedding Band is a popular choice for jewellery-lovers and collectors in the UK. It has a mix of bold designs, classic lines and everything in between. We are experts in the identification and valuation of precious jewellery at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers and we know the emotional and physical importance Cartier rings have.

Cartier rings are a particularly precious piece. They have been a staple of Cartier’s over the years, alongside bracelets, brooches and necklaces. Continue reading to learn more about Cartier’s amazing ring collection. We also discuss the origins of the rings collections.

Cartier Wedding Band History – A Brief study

Louis-Francois Cartier founded Cartier in Paris, France, 1847. The brand is synonymous with high quality jewellery design and royalty. King Edward VII called Cartier the ‘king jewellers’ in 1904, when he ordered 27 tiaras. Cartier became the jewellery of choice for royal families all over the globe thanks to this royal warrant.

The History of the Cartier Wedding Band

Cartier is often associated with their stunning statement necklaces and elegant wristwatches. It is worth noting their impressive selection of Cartier silver and Cartier gold rings. It’s not surprising that Louis-Francois Cartier, a jeweller, was also an expert craftsman when referring to Cartier diamond rings. The Cartier Trinity Ring, which dates back to 1924, is one of Cartier’s oldest collections.

Many of Cartier’s iconic ranges have included stunning, often statement rings, from the Cartier Panther Ring in 1930 to the Cartier Love Ring, bracelets, and earrings in the 1960’s. Cartier is a jeweller’s favourite brand, thanks to the Cartier Nail Ring as well as the new Clash Cartier Ring collection. This collection has been modernized with the same attention to detail and luxury.


Some of Cartier’s most unique rings and jewellery, such as the Cartier love ring, with its diamond-encrusted jewels, can be broken down into distinct collections. The jewellers behind Cartier have created many iconic, instantly recognisable designs, including the Cartier love rings with diamonds and simple Cartier band ring.

These are the top ten most memorable.


The Cartier Trinity ring and its jewellery collection are among the oldest Cartier collections. It dates back to 1924. The series’ longevity is remarkable, but it is the meaning behind the almost 100-year-old design which makes it unique. Each of the three interlocking rings in this design represents something: silver for friendship, yellow to fidelity, and rose to love.

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