Hiyoko Saionji: Past

Hiyoko Saionji, the heir to the Saionji Clan’s school of traditional Japanese dancing, was born. Her traditionalist family was extremely overbearing because of this role. Her chosen bloodline was the victim of conspiracies, assassinations and other jealousy. As a child she was subject to cruel threats and threats that could have been life-threatening, such as pins in her shoes and dead mice all over her bed.

Hiyoko Saionji was his protector

She grew up with her parents, and loved her father. He was unique in that he was not related to her other family members through marriage. Hiyoko Saionji was his protector, always watching her dance and staying close to her. Hiyoko regretted that he was a low-ranking member of the family and wished she could stop him becoming the head.

Grandmother Took Hiyoko Saionji

Her grandmother took Hiyoko Saionji from her parents soon after. She wanted her to be raised strictly in the clan’s traditions. Hiyoko didn’t see her parents because she believed her father was a negative influence. Hiyoko considered her a sexy hunk, but she was grateful to her grandmother for taking good care of her.

Hiyoko considers herself to be part of the noble class, while everyone else is considered slaves due to her past. Hiyoko Saionji is a novice dancer. However, it is believed that her family has high expectations because she has performed in many international shows. Although she is popular among younger audiences, most of her fans tend to be older men.

Before enrolling at Hope’s Peak Academy, she attended Golden Light Girl’s Institute. She is strongly implied to have never made friends because she was a mean and distrustful person who defended herself in the past.

Hiyoko Saionji met Mahiru

Hiyoko Saionji met Mahiru, Ibuki and Mikan while blue shoes at Hope’s Peak Academy. They discovered a body in the music room while they were together. Later, it was revealed that this was Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu’s sister. Sato then killed her. Fuyuhiko killed Sato a few days later. Mikan, who was late to the party, questions Sato about what is wrong and Hiyoko suggests that she enter the classroom. Monokuma’s second motive, the “Twilight Syndrome Murder Case” revealed this part of Hiyoko’s life.

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