Opal wedding band: Meaning, Durability, Types

Anyone who has ever seen an iridescent, shimmering opal can attest to its stunning colors. Opal wedding band are a beautiful and surprising alternative to diamonds. Abby Sparks Jewelry wants to celebrate October’s magical birthstone, the Opal, as we get closer to Halloween.

Opals are well-known for their long history. According to the Sanskrit word upala, which means “precious stone” and later, the Greek opallios meaning “to see a change of color,” opals are formed when rainwater evaporates from sedimentary rock layers. These tiny pieces of silica are what create the rainbow-like colors found in precious opals. This is called the “play-of color” and determines stone’s quality. Each opal is unique because of its unique placement.

Opal wedding band opal types available

You have many options when it comes to opal colors, depending on your budget. There are many opal types available, from translucent crystal opals to dark, moody black opals. The majority of opals used in engagement rings are made from natural opals. Their base tone is usually between colorless and medium gray. You want a more natural look? Boulder opal is made from a mixture of host rock and an opal. Mexican fire opals are translucent to translucent, have warm colors such as yellow, orange and red, and can also be called Mexican fire opals. Peruvian or Blue opals come in shades of green. Black opals are rarest and darkest of all opals. Their price tag is high due to their rarity. Synthetic opals can also be an option, and they are distinguished from natural opals by the regularity in the silica patterns.

The Opal wedding band rich history will give meaning to your engagement ring stones. Opals are a mystery because of their magical glow. This mysterious stone has been around since the middle ages. Opals are often associated with bad luck and worn to repel evil spirits. Caesars gave their wives opals for luck in Roman history. They considered it the most valuable and powerful gemstone. This romantic connotation has lasted into the modern era. Opals are believed to be a symbol of fidelity and creativity. Opal wedding band are perfect for expressing the unique spark and fire in your relationship. Their non-replicability is also a big draw for those who want a truly unique ring.

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