The Complete Guide to “Palladium Rings”

Palladium Rings, a silvery-white, luminous precious metal, is a sister element of platinum. It was discovered by William Hyde Wollaston, a British scientist, in 1803. It was named for Pallas, a Greek goddess of wisdom, who was also named Pallas.

In the last decade, Palladium has enjoyed a rise in popularity. Fortune reported in 2019 that palladium was more valuable than gold. Contrary to popular belief, palladium does not contain white gold. David Alan Wegweiser, master jeweler, says that palladium is not comedogenic. It does not change color like white gold. It is pure white, but much stronger than silver. It is suitable for everyday wear and is comfortable.

Continue reading to learn about the pros and cons associated with palladium rings, as well as what to look out for when buying this type of metal.

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The pros and cons of palladium rings

Wegweiser is a fan of palladium, especially for wedding bands and engagement rings.

It is a pure metal that has no alloys so it does not change color. Wegweiser also says that palladium, a precious pure metal is free of nickel. “Nickel is often the most common cause of allergies to fine jewelry, especially when it concerns engagement rings and wedding bands that are worn daily.

However, palladium has its downsides. Although palladium was once far less expensive than platinum plumbing, the rare metal has become more expensive than most precious metals. Because palladium is fragile, many jewelers do not choose to work with it. Wegweiser states that it can be difficult to manipulate if you don’t have the right training in its manufacturing nuances. Palladium, on the other hand is a harder metal that platinum and is therefore more difficult to scratch.

What to look for in a Palladium Ring

What is the average cost of a palladium-plated ring? As we have already mentioned, palladium is more expensive than platinum over the years. The size of the stones is also a factor in pricing palladium rings. Prices for palladium rings average around $2,000. You can choose a smaller gemstone or diamond if you’re not content with palladium.

Is there a better way to use this metal than other settings? Palladium is compatible with all types of settings, from prong-set to bezel-set. It all comes down to personal preference.

Where can I buy a palladium band? Although palladium is rarer than other metals, there are still many places that sell it. It is important to work with a trusted judaica jewelery when you are looking for a palladium ring. They may have more experience in manipulating the precious metal.

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How to Care For a Palladium Ring

A palladium ring has one advantage: the color will not fade over time. If anything, it will develop patina. This is a natural look for Cigar Band platinum and palladium metals. This gives the metal a matte appearance. However, if you don’t like it, you can have your palladium ring polished back into its original shine.

You can clean your palladium ring by using a soft-bristled toothbrush and then dipping it in warm water with gentle detergent. After that, you can scrub the ring until it is clean.

Palladium is a strong and durable metal that won’t easily itching and scratching, however, it’s important to keep your ring safe. It is best to keep it in the original box, or any other ring box that you have. Avoid jewelry that can cause damage or chipping.

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