1. Durability: Do you put a lot of effort into your jewelry? Are you a good worker? Silver rings is a soft metal that can be scratched, dents and changed in shape over time. I, like many others, love the way silver age and accumulates marks silver rings from daily use. Many people don’t like their rings looking 20 years old after a year. If this is you, I recommend choosing a stronger metal like white gold. While all metals will eventually wear, silver (even palladium) will experience it much quicker.
  2. Finish: Silver can be finished in a variety of finishes, including bright white, oxidized black and high polish. These finishes look amazing in wedding photos but they won’t last beyond the big day. Even rings that are worn every day go through constant burnishing. A burnishing process is when metal rubs against something more difficult than it, leaving behind a shiny mark. These marks will eventually cover your ring, giving it a new look. A satin ring will get shinier while a polished one will be more matte. Wedding silver rings always find their happy place somewhere between these two. My experience is that my ring’s finish changes within the first week.
  3. Budget: Silver is a popular choice because it has a lower price than other precious metals. This can be a great advantage for couples. It is expensive to get married. People who opt for silver wedding bands will wear them only temporarily, and then invest in new rings for their anniversary one year later. You can have your first rings made from sterling if you know you’ll want them in another metal.
  4. Experience: If your goal is to make your Fairy Light own wedding silver rings, you’ll be pleased to learn that sterling silver is easy to shape, solder, and polish. You can also texturize and stamp silver. The process of creating a silver ring is usually smooth. Professional results are possible.
  5. The Stronger Option: We always recommend palladium sterling if a couple is considering silver rings. Pure silver is an element that can be found naturally in the earth. Sterling silver can be described as an alloy, which is a mixture of metals. 92.5% is pure silver. The traditional sterling silver has 7.5% copper. This is a soft metal. The 7.5% of palladium sterling is made up part palladium, part copper. Palladium, a member the platinum family, shares many characteristics with platinum including its durability. This gives palladium sterling sliver more integrity than its conventional counterpart. However, every alloy of silver, even palladium, is much softer than any other precious metal options.
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