Styles of “silver wedding bands”

Sterling silver is the most common material for silver wedding rings. Sterling silver is extremely versatile and has been used for decades to make wedding rings. Silver wedding bands are a valuable metal. They’re also more affordable than precious metals such as gold, platinum, and palladium.

There are many styles and finishes available for silver wedding bands. These bands can reflect light and look like platinum or white gold if polished.

Ring in polished silver

Satin is another popular finish for silver wedding rings. It’s a satin-like appearance, which is not reflective, but it’s also not too rough to the touch. It is a bit like very fine sandpaper.

Satin-silver wedding band

Textured silver bands like the one below add depth and facets, increasing its visual appeal. Hammered rings have a rustic appeal with a natural appearance.

Wedding bands in hammered silver

Brittled silver wedding bands are extremely popular. They have a more rough texture than satin-finished bands. As the tarnish in the grooves begins to oxidize, brushed wedding bands will develop interesting patinas.

Bridal band in brushed silver wedding bands

The oxidized sterling-silver wedding band is a style that can be made with silver but not with other metals. The silver band is subject to an oxidization process. This involves the treatment of sterling silver with sulfides. It tarnishes faster and develops a dark patina. The oxidization is only a surface treatment. However, it can wear off over time.

Here are some things to consider before you buy bands

Sterling silver is a versatile choice for wedding bands, but it is not for everyone. These are some things to think about before you make a purchase:

Tarnishing – The main complaint people have about sterling silver is its tendency to tarnish over time. It is possible to remove tarnish from sterling silver but this requires periodic maintenance. While some people love silver’s look and will continue to wear it, others may find it too distracting from their daily lives.

Durability – Silver isn’t a strong metal, and can be scratched or even lost with time. All metals are susceptible to wear. However, silver wears much faster than other metals. This might not be the best metal for you if you live an active lifestyle or work with your hands often.

Accessibility – Silver is very affordable compared to popular metals such as white gold or platinum. Temporary wedding rings are sometimes made of silver to save money until they have the funds for more durable metals. A sterling silver wedding band is usually around $100.

Surface finish – Silver is a versatile metal that can be applied in many different ways. These finishes are not durable. The ring can change in appearance as it is exposed to everyday wear. Highly reflective finishes may appear more satin-like, while matte and satin finishes may become shiny.

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