What To Know About Planning And Announcing A Winter Wedding

A wedding in the winter can be incredibly romantic. There is something truly magical about exchanging vows during the beautiful winter season, even though most couples decide to celebrate their wedding day during the warmer seasons.

If you’re not careful, though, a winter wedding can also be seized by the rain or poised on the brink of cliché. For this reason, we are here to assist you in planning an extremely memorable big day for the upcoming winter season!

Planning The Event

There’s something unique about choosing to celebrate your special day in the dead of winter. Planning an event in a time that lacks light and warmth will undoubtedly involve some considerations, but there are also countless options when it comes to the smaller details.

  1. Pick Up A Venue

There are some locations that are ideal for a winter celebration. An old manor house, for example, looks great with open rumbling fires. If you are using two different venues, make sure they are nearby so you have no trouble moving your guests.

Make sure the location looks fantastic at night. Many couples make the mistake of only viewing their venues during the day. This is something you should avoid doing! Instead, see how your venue is lit up by going there late in the afternoon or at night.

  1. Decide The Right Time

As everyone knows, winter brings earlier evenings. However, when you’re setting up your timeline, don’t forget about your sunset time as the season evolves. Both your event planners and photographers will greatly benefit from knowing this.

A winter wedding will essentially follow the same schedule as a summer one. However, you should talk to your photographer about the possibility of taking as many pics as possible before dusk falls. Once more, if there’s a long drive between the venues, the timetable may change.

  1. Don’t Forget Table Details

Your tables are the ideal setting for creating the enchanting and joyous ambiance of a winter wedding, which your guests will adore. Candles are a necessity. Consider experimenting with various scents and heights.

Pine cones, for example, make excellent table décor. It is also useful for holding place cards. When it comes to providing your guests with nice things, you have an abundance of choices. Some ideas are personalized baubles or anything that involves chocolate.

  1. Use A Rich Color Palette

An all-white theme can look stunning at a winter wedding. However, no one should stop you from adding some rich colors to the celebration so you can add more to the cozy atmosphere. Rich burgundy, deep green, and gold accents combine to create a chic pattern.

Adding dried flowers can also significantly contribute to the feeling of a winter woodland. However, you can use tree stumps and cinnamon sticks instead of seasonal items that will really give your decor a wintery feel if you’re not feeling quite brave enough to use colorful plants.

  1. Keep Things Warm

There will always be a handful of guests who don’t come prepared, no matter how hard you try to warn everyone about your winter wedding ceremony. It is therefore best to have heaters and hot beverages to help them warm up quickly.

Most venues will have a heating system. However, some locations, like churches and barns, might require a bit more planning. Speak with your venue manager about their plans in the event of snowfall as well. This is particularly crucial if your event is being held in a remote area.

Spreading The Words Out

There are various approaches you can take when creating your winter wedding invitations. You can use something like Postermywall.com to make the whole process easier. You can also get ideas from the wedding invite templates on the internet.

Incorporate the seasonal hues of crimson to go for a classic look. When paired with emerald, it exudes pure holiday joy. Alternatively, for a hint of winter glam, use it with metallic silver. In any case, employ white to counterbalance this vibrant color scheme.

Winter’s color palette goes beyond Christmas shades, though. Consider using a white and gray palette to transform your invitations into a wintertime fantasy. If that isn’t for you, consider going dark. It can set a romantic tone when combined with gilded accents.

The Takeaway

With a winter wedding, you will not have to deal with makeup breaking down on your face. You also no longer need to be concerned about bouquets withering in the intense summer heat. Still, such a wedding also comes with its set of potential errors.

A lot of these winter wedding blunders are too easy to commit. Furthermore, each of these mistakes has the potential to seriously ruin your special day, which is annoying when you recognize how avoidable they actually are.

So, before you take the first step to put the dreamy wedding images in your head into a reality, read and consider the simple tips above. They can make sure everything goes according to plan and your winter wedding looks gorgeous.


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