Naked Wedding Cake

This modern naked wedding cake is rustic in style and deliciously flavored with my easy vanilla cake recipe. Even if you have never made a wedding cake before, this recipe is easy to follow. Here are some tips and tricks to safely apply fresh flowers and stable stack them. Because it is so professional and beautiful, no one will ever know how simple this naked wedding cake was!

Because you don’t need to worry about the final layer of buttercream, a naked wedding cake is easier to make than a regular wedding cake. A good cake pan is essential to create a beautiful, straight wedding cake. You can also use a bench scraper for smooth sides.

We believe that selecting your wedding cake, whether it is premade or bespoke, should be an enjoyable experience that compliments the joy of your special day. Fen, the talented MonAnnie cake expert, is here today to help us with all things cake! You can make …. notes about everything from how to dress it to how large it should be.

MonAnnie works closely with couples to create a story that tells their wedding story. We have been privileged to share the wedding journeys of many couples. Here are some things we learned from our couples as they made decisions about their wedding cakes.

You shouldn’t pick a cake before you have made major decisions about your wedding style. Your wedding is made up many elements that are curated to tell a story. You want every element of your story to be cohesive, including your cake. Other elements are the foundation of most stories. It is important to make decisions about the details, such as the venue, flowers, and styling, before you choose a cake design. Our couples are advised to have their wedding cake finalized at least 3 to 6 months prior to their wedding.

Do not choose a flavor based on what others want.

Your wedding is about you and your partner, the love you share, as well as celebrating it with your guests. The aromas, textures and flavours of your wedding can evoke memories and create new memories. Trends don’t necessarily have to be followed. Choose the flavours that you like. You can choose from vanilla with strawberry jam and buttercream, to coconut, lime, and tarragon.

Match the cake height with the space.

Your cake is more than just a piece of food. When designing your cake, it is important to take into account the space. For example, if you’re in a large marquee or orangery, you may need a taller cake in order to make an impact. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have more cake. Your cake designer can add iced-dummy tiers that will increase the height of your cake without affecting its appearance.

Keep a budget in your mind.

Your cake’s cost will vary depending on its design and how many you are serving. The construction of your cake takes a lot of time and skill. Some design elements can take up to several weeks (sometimes even months) to complete. We recommend that you have open conversations with your cake designer to discuss what will work best for both of you.

Take into account the decoration of the cake.

It is worth looking beyond the cake and thinking about how you would like it to be presented. How would you like other elements to be included in the display? For example, linen, cake stand or flowers. Talk to your cake designer about how you can collaborate with your stylist, planner, florist and florist on how all this will work on the day.

Make your cake the star of the show.

You need to think about the location of your cake. This will help you create a cohesive look and provide the backdrop for photos. It can sometimes be difficult to find the right balance. Talk this with your team as you design your event space.

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