8 Reasons It’s Worth Starting a Relationship As Friends

This scene is straight out of a movie. Two people meet, and they feel a connection. But, for some reason, a relationship is not in the cards. They become best friends, but they always wonder if there will ever be more. Sometimes, these friendships are platonic. Other times, the sparks fly and it seems like a romance is inevitable. This is what you might really desire. These are eight reasons why starting a friendship with someone you love is the best thing you can do.

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You can skip the early stages

The awkward “getting-to-know you” stage is the beginning of every relationship. A couple will learn about each other and their personalities over the course of the first few months. They also get to know their compatibility. This can be a quick and easy way to skip the whole process if you are dating a friend. This person is already a friend, so it’s easy to see if they’re a good match.

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You have both proven you are reliable

A disloyal friend is not someone you would choose to be friends with. People usually surround themselves with respectful and reliable individuals, so there’s a strong chance your friend-turned-boyfriend is a great guy.

What You Can Learn from Past Relationships

You might have shared details about your past relationships depending on how long you have been friends. These intimate conversations are very useful now. Your new man will be able to understand what went wrong with your ex-boyfriends so that he doesn’t repeat the same mistakes.

You are comfortable together

You’ve likely been through many good and bad times with your new man, so you can feel at ease being yourself around him.

We appreciate each other’s flaws

Nothing is worse than being with someone for five months and then realizing that his every move irritates. Since you’ve skipped the infatuation stage with your friend-turned-boyfriend, you won’t turn a blind eye to his flaws. You probably love all his charms.

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Enjoy Fun Together

It’s natural to enjoy the company of your friend when you’re dating them. This makes for a fun and fulfilling relationship.

You have (probably) met each other’s families

If you have been friends for many years, it is possible that you have already met his family members and friends. They may have been a part of your relationship from the beginning. It doesn’t matter if you dress up and make sure to impress your loved ones with thoughtful conversations and funny remarks.

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Friendships don’t have to be sacrificed

You want to spend every moment you can with your new partner, even if it is not the best for your friend. You can still enjoy your social life with your best friend, even if he becomes your boyfriend.

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