The 9 Best Wedding Planning Apps Every Couple Should Use in 2023

The 9 Best Wedding Planning Apps Every Couple Should Use in 2023

It’s important to be organized throughout the planning of your wedding. But how can this be achieved? There are many online and Wedding Planning Apps mobile tools that can help with your wedding planning. You can say goodbye to heavy binders, endless notebooks and bulky planners and be inspired by these 9 top wedding management apps for 2023.

Google Drive for Document Organisation

It can seem overwhelming to manage all the details of a wedding, from contracts to mood boards, guest lists, invoices and invoices. Google Drive allows you to store all your documents online and consolidate them in one location. It’s cloud-based and syncs across your devices so that you can access your files at any time.

To ensure seamless organisation of weddings, we suggest creating a folder to hold each supplier. Google Sheets and Google Docs are also available within the app. You can create items such as your guest list and floor plans.

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for sourcing:

Pinterest remains the best and original way to find inspiration. You can find inspiration for your wedding on Pinterest. You can think of it as a visual search engine to find inspiration for weddings. It includes everything from flowers arrangements and ceremony backdrops to bridesmaid dresses, templates for wedding vows and practical checklists.

We suggest that you keep everything organized by creating separate “boards”, one for each wedding category and one “master board” to help narrow down your ideas into a cohesive vision. These boards can be shared with your wedding vendors, such as your planner or wedding florist.

Pocketbook – Budget Planning

It is essential to keep track of your budget in order to have a stress-free experience at your wedding. Pocketbook is a budget management tool that syncs to your bank accounts. This allows you to keep track of all your income and expenses. Pocketbook is a great tool for wedding budget planning. It allows you to set spending limits, create savings goals, and even set savings goals.

WedSites offers complete project management

WedSites has you covered if you are looking for an all-inclusive solution to manage your wedding project. Our suite of digital tools makes it easy to plan your wedding.

You can create your own website, track RSVPs, track RSVPs, manage your wedding details, and even send paperless invitations. You can assign tasks to your partner or bridesmaids and even set deadlines to help you stay on track.

For Venue Research

Venue Report makes it easy to find the perfect venue for your wedding. With the help of this online platform, you can find relevant venues for your wedding in one place. You can filter by price, style, capacity, amenities and more. The platform allows you to contact the venue directly and arrange a private tour.

Evernote – Note Taking

Evernote, a digital note-taking application that is perfect for wedding planning, can be used. You can use this app to keep track of all your ideas and thoughts, from floor plans and song lyrics to shopping lists and ceremony music. Your notes can be saved in any format you like, including drawings, text, photos and videos. It’s great for vendor meetings or venue visits.

WedUploader – Photo Sharing

Let’s face facts, it’s hard to find time to take photos while you’re on your honeymoon. WedUploader, a photo-sharing platform that lets you easily crowdsource all photos taken by guests on your wedding day, is available. Just share a link to your guests so they can upload photos or videos to a designated folder. You can also upload unlimited files to the app.

Messenger for group chats

Group chats are an essential part of the wedding planning process. Facebook Messenger is easily the most user-friendly way to manage them. You can create chats for your family members, bride tribes, and other relevant groups. Use the app to create plans, send voice messages, make polls, and share inspiration photos.

For Wedding Colours: Palette Cam

Do you struggle to create a cohesive palette of colours? Palette Cam is an amazing design tool that allows you to create colour palettes with your own photos. You simply need to upload an image of inspiration and the app will give you exact color matches and HEX codes. Once you have created your colour palette, you can share it to your florist or stationery designer to ensure consistency.

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