12 Questions for a Wedding Photographer

12 Questions for a Wedding Photographer

When you are planning your wedding, it is important to ask essential questions of photographers to help narrow down your options to find the best photographer to capture your ceremony and reception. As a guide, use this list of questions:

Are you available to photograph on the wedding date we have chosen?

Before you ask further questions, confirm that your potential photographer is available for your wedding day. It will save you time if they cannot shoot on your date.

Who will be there to witness the big day’s celebration?

Mindy Weiss, wedding planner, asks one question: “Is the person that you are interviewing going to be at your ceremony?” There are also teams. There are companies. You need to know the names of those who will be attending your wedding.

How do you style your wedding photographs?

Mindy says that there are many types and styles of photographers. There are traditional, documentary and totally candid photographers. It is important to understand their style. While most modern photographers shoot digitally these days, you might want to see if they have film cameras.

May we view a full wedding gallery?

Mindy says, “It’s crucial that you ask to view an entire album to determine if they tell the whole story from beginning through to end.” How does the photographer map it? You don’t have to order an album. But it is worth looking at the work of other photographers to get a glimpse of what you can expect from your wedding day. A complete gallery of wedding photos includes the entire shot list including the pre-wedding, ceremony, and all elements such as cake cutting and first dance.

Are you familiar with shooting weddings like ours?

While you might like the style of a photographer, have they photographed a wedding with a couple similar to yours in a similar setting? At the right time of day? Mindy suggests that you show examples of photos of couples that have similar skin to yours. “It is important to show you lighting and other aspects of the day. See examples of the photos.

Do you have any references?

Mindy suggests that Mindy asks her photographer if they are available to chat or email past clients in order to get a referral. Don’t forget Google this photographer to check for any comments you aren’t hearing.

Did you work with any of our other wedding vendors before?

It can be helpful for your potential photographer to know your other wedding vendors, including your videographer. It is possible to have a great event with your potential photographer if you have a friendly relationship. Mindy says, “They don’t have to be friends but they have to respect one another.” “It is not a good idea for them meeting the day before the wedding.”

What happens when disaster strikes?

Ask your photographer to provide a backup plan in case of an emergency on your wedding day. They might also bring backup equipment like a flash, additional camera or digital memory options.

What are you including in your wedding packages

Many wedding photographers offer a variety of pricing options, including tiered packages. There might be additional fees for destination marriages (as well as a second photographer or engagement photos), or photos taken at the rehearsal dinner. It is possible to ask about payment options for installations depending on your financial circumstances.

Do you have any requests for particular shots or set-ups?

If you or your partner require a certain type of shot (e.g., an on-site recreation) of your engagement, make sure to inquire about photographers and whether they are willing to allow it. Mindy says most photographers have a shotlist so that you can identify what is important. Don’t forget to take classic shots. Do not think that you are too hip to take a picture of grandma and yourself. Traditional photos last forever.

What time and where can we expect our photos to arrive?

Ask your potential photographer about when and how quickly they will send your images. If the photographer will only edit certain images first, how high-resolution they will send them, and if you will be allowed to view the edited photos while the photographer is editing them. Ask them if they will include custom prints or albums, if possible.

How do we finalize hiring? Ask your chosen wedding photographer what they need in order to finalize your deal. They might ask for a deposit and review cancellation policies.

Ask yourself, Do they make you happy?

Your partner and you should ask the final question. Your wedding day will be filled with many hours spent together with your photographer. You should ask yourself if you are comfortable with their communication style and personality. Mindy says that the relationship between you and your photographer is crucial. To establish if there is a connection, meet even virtually.

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