Meet the Couples Marrying in Mid-City

Coronavirus has made it clear that love conquers all. The US government issued a directive in March that prohibited gatherings with more than 50 people, as per the CDC’s social distance guidelines. Many couples were forced to delay their weddings due to this.

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Some couples felt the restrictions and uncertainty of times made it worth their while to have a ceremony of commitment. However, they also had to be mindful of social distancing. Some couples chose to have a more informal ceremony with their family and friends. Others tried something different, such as getting married on the streets with a friend from his apartment or a drive-thru, non-contact ceremony. These are just a few examples of creative ways that couples across the country have found creative ways to marry despite the pandemic. It proves that love can always find a way.

The couple whose original date has been engraved in stone

Brian Dunmire and Nikki Dagot were originally scheduled to wed in April at the Brazilian Court in Palm Beach. However, they have since moved the celebrations to November 2020. They wanted to honor their original wedding date while still adhering social distancing rules. They decided to elope in the garden of their Florida home.

Dagot comments, “Our original date had such a special significance to us.” “After nearly a year spent planning and engraving our date all over the world, we finally decided to say “Why not?”

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The couple that held a four-day commitment ceremony

Alex and Natali Aparicio were in “ugly tears” when they found out they had to postpone their June 13th wedding. Aparicio, who is based in Southern California, says that they began to discuss the possibility of having the last week March postponed. “On April 3, without any new date in our minds, we decided to postpone.”

The couple decided to continue with their small wedding celebration in the meantime. The couple still plans to expand their marriage with 150 guests. “We had a very intimate wedding in my in-laws’ living room. It was done in just four days! She adds. “My mother and sister-in law did a wonderful job in helping us put it together. It was truly extraordinary.”

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The couple who sent a wedding notice to their original guests

Ben Schlang and Julie Samuels were originally scheduled to wed on April 18. However, the New York-based couple had to postpone their nuptials. They decided to have a Zoom celebration, where 50 of their closest friends gathered to witness them exchange vows in the privacy of their homes. She previously stated to The Knot that “We will still be married, and we still get the chance to be with our love of our life, [we] just have to wait a bit longer for celebrations.”

The guests wore tuxes and the bride wore makeup for the first time. Samuels’ grandmother, 89, figured out how Zoom works. She adds, “My mom worked so tirelessly to make this physical space special. “Friends from far and near sent flowers and bubbly.”

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A couple who got married at home using a hot-glued veil

Courtney Andresen was awoken on Friday, March 13 by a feeling of dread that her March 21 nuptials with Tyler Kroos might not take place. California Gov. Gavin Newson had previously ordered the cancellation of all social events exceeding 250 in California. They had expected 180 guests to attend their nuptials at Santa Monica Proper Hotel. However, given the way things were going, it was clear that the signs were not in their favor.

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