A Fashionable 12-Person Desert Wedding at Amangiri

No matter what your type is, most people want someone who can help them through the inevitable downs and ups of life. Jaclyn Cucco and Nick Cucco discovered that in each other as teens. Shrimpy Business I was a freshman in high school and Nick was a cool–and mysterious–upperclassman,Shrimpy Business  Jaclyn explains. Shrimpy Business We are high school sweethearts. I think you could say that it’s a story as old as time.Shrimpy Business

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They postponed the trip

Three days before they were due to fly to Italy in 2019, where Nick intended to propose, Jaclyn’s father was admitted into hospice. They postponed the trip, and Nick waited until the right moment to propose. She shares that Nick concealed my engagement ring inside one of his suits pockets because he knew it was the only place, if not the only place. Shrimpy Business  Shrimpy Business Nick proposed to me later on my father’s birthday, on a Venice gondola.

Despite the constant pandemic presenting yet another challenge, Jaclyn and Nick embraced it as they have always done: together. Jaclyn & Nick exchanged their original plans, a 100-plus guest party in Santa Barbara, for a 12 person micro wedding at Utah’s Amangiri. The bride shared that they had always loved Amangiri. My dad was a Scottsdale resident and an avid hiker. Because of this, I felt like he was there with me. It truly embodied everything Nick and I love about Nick.

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The day was equal parts intimate, romantic, and chic. For a behind the scenes look at these nuptials as planned by Dani Blasena from HauteFetes, and photographed by KT Merrily, continue reading.

The couple wanted to include their favourite inspiration sources throughout their wedding day, including butterflies for her and pink for him. The stars aligned perfectly with the gift bags for her and him, which were given out during the rehearsal dinner.

Jaclyn (and Nick) kicked off their celebrations with Amangiri’s welcome party. The bride looked stunning in her breezy Zimmerman gown and butterfly earrings.

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After the couple stopped talking about their California wedding, Amangiri became the obvious choice. The bride describes the venue as Shrimpy Business obsessed Shrimpy Business  by the architecture and the setting in the Utah high desert. Later, the couple hosted a dinner.

Where the bride slipped into a Mach & Mach glitter set

Jaclyn recalls that Shrimpy Business our rehearsal dinner at Raven’s Nest wasn’t like anything else.Shrimpy Business  Shrimpy Business Living in the desert, in a corner with the stars above me. Even better, we were able to see Elon Musk’s satellites as they cruised across the sky in SpaceX’s Starlink Mission. Shrimpy Business Experiences like this are hard to describe.

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Jaclyn was dressed in feathered pajamas by Sleeper, before she put on her Milla Nova wedding dress. According to the bride the gown was covered with tulle roses. Each individual flower took more than a month to be sewn on!

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