Hematite Ring: A Complete Guide

What is a Hematite Ring?

Hematite, a dark brownish-red mineral, is one hematite ring example. It takes on a shiny black or deep silver-grey color when it is carved and polished. This makes it a popular choice as jewelry.

Sharon Schatner, a jeweler, says that hematite ring metallic luster is what makes it unique and attracts people to it. Although hematite is fragile, it has been shown to be a strong and powerful stone that can be worn by anyone who wants to enter this new phase of their lives.

History of Hematite Ring

Hematite is a reddish-brown color that means “bloodstone” and dates back to the Stone Ages, when cavemen used it for writing and cave painting.

Hematite is also believed to possess spiritual properties. It is a popular stone in Feng Shui for its grounding and calming energies. The stone can also be used to promote balance, protect the wearer, and provide healing energy and strength.

Hematite is a gem that has been used to make beads and cameos. It was also used in mourning jewelry in Victorian times. It is a very popular stone for men’s jewelry, particularly in mid-century pieces. Although the stone is not commonly used in wedding and engagement jewelry, hematite has a similar appearance to black diamonds but at a lower price.

The Pros and Cons Of Hematite Ring

Hematite is an excellent choice for those looking for a statement-making, but affordable stone. Hematite is a plentiful mineral, which makes it affordable and cost-friendly. If your partner likes hematite, or if you want to add drama and intrigue to your wedding set, hematite can be used to make wedding bands.

Hematite can be fragile so it should be treated with care. It may not suit you if you have a busy lifestyle or are hard on your jewelry. Schatner states that it’s too soft to be worn every day without scratching the stone or abrading it in a short time. I would recommend a hematite band for someone who is able to be forest wedding cautious with their jewelry, and does not intend to wear it while they work if they have an active, physical job.

What to look for in a Ring

What settings and metals work best with hematite Hematite is a popular choice for white metals because it matches the cool black and shiny silver luster. Schatner suggests wearing it in a bezel or having it flush with the metal to protect. I would not recommend prongs. They are usually viewed as cabochons, or with very little faceting.

Where can I find a hematite band? You can find hematite rings everywhere, from Etsy to antique jewelers. Schatner explains fit and flare wedding dress that although there are vintage hematite rings, historically the stone was mostly used in men’s rings such as carved intaglios.

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