Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes: Romy Heels 

I was inspired to write this review about the Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes Romy heels by a conversation with a colleague at work who shared her dream of wearing Choos. Why? They were her favorite high-heel shoes. I was intrigued by the claims that they were as comfortable and worth the effort. From memory, I can think off a few other shoe brands that would be worthy of the title of “the” most comfortable shoes ever. This is just my opinion, and it does not necessarily mean that the Choos are not worthy of the title. The very glamorous ladies from the Sex and City TV have helped elevate them to the top of the most sought-after shoe brands. The truth is, Choos might lack some aspects but they make up for it in sheer awesomeness.

This review will focus on the Romy Pump, one of the most iconic Jimmy Choo pumps. These timeless pumps have been worn by everyone, from Michelle Obama to the Duchess of Cambridge, and they are a favorite of many. As I do with all my reviews, this review will focus on the comfort, fit, durability, and style of Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes Romy heels. It will also explore whether these elegant heels are worth the high price.

Do Romy heels fit true to size in jimmy-choo wedding shoes?

The sizing of jimmy Choo wedding shoes is a bit unpredictable. I have a few Choos in sizes 37-37.5 and 38. All of them fit me well. Two pairs of Romys are in my current collection: the kid leather version with 10cm heels and the patent one featuring 6cm kitten heels. Both fit like a UK 4.5 standard size 37.5 (which is UK 4.5). If you are thinking about ordering a pair of patent or kid leather Romy pumps online, I advise that you do not make any adjustments as they fit true to size.

Are Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes  Romy Heels comfortable?

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes Romy heels are known for being comfortable and can be worn for hours with no pain. You can also choose from three height options: 6cm, 8cm, and 10cm. This gives you a wide range of options for those who are looking for practical, but elegant pumps. The comfort of the shoes is more dependent on their finish than the heel. The suede and glitter Romy shoes have not been tried by me so I can only assume that they are comfortable. Let’s take a closer look.

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