Planning the perfect Sioux City wedding?

These packages have a few things to be aware of. The first is that the packages can be expensive. If you have limited guests or a tight budget, this may not be the right option. There is usually a minimum order required to book a date on Saturdays and high-demand weekends. You may still enjoy the idea of an all in one (and it’s easy), but you might consider a Sunday or Friday reception for your wedding.

Penny Tree Event Center
Penny Tree is an outdoor venue for weddings in the woods. This charming venue is ideal for fairytale weddings. It features a three-sided, cabin-esque banquet hall (which can be fully enclosed in case of inclement weather). The space offers full waitstaff service including full bar service and a list with preferred caterers. The space has facilities for the bridal party, which can also be used to prepare for their ceremony, and even a site that is hidden in a beautiful glen.

Meadow Barn Harrisburg (SD)
The Meadow Barn at Country Orchard is a new venue for wedding receptions. It is rapidly becoming very popular. Meadow Barn, a unique open-loft structure that is ideal for indoor or outdoor events, is located in a quiet 32-year-old apple tree outside of Sioux City weddings. All the tables, chairs, settings, and decorations are designed to compliment the rustic, Great Northwoods feel. There is also a firepit and large paned windows. The highlight is the three-piece set of glass chandeliers that are set in the middle a high-pitched ceiling.

Blue Haven Barn & Garden

This great location is located near Wild Water West, just west of Sioux Falls. The facility can accommodate 300 people in a spacious main event space with 35-foot ceilings. To save money, you can hire an external caterer. You can also request a list of local hotels that they offer shuttle service. Depending on the season, your wedding can take place inside or outside.

Janet’s Cake Creations
Janet’s Cake Creations is another talented and delicious cake designer for weddings. Your wedding cake baker may also be able to make the groom’s and bridal shower cakes.

Callaway’s Chef April
CJ Callaway’s is where Chef April can be found. Her website is here. You’ve likely seen beautiful cakes that look like they belong in magazines, but then suddenly seen the crumbs. This is Chef April Austin. She can create intricate designs from any picture, drawing or description, and she is one of the best bakers in Sioux Falls.

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