Sunflower wedding invitations: To match

Here are 5 of our top-rated sunflower wedding invitations that will fit your country theme. These invitations are a great mix of chic and rustic, so you will fall in love.

You’ll choose burlap over glitters, jewels over flower petals, and satin over lace on any given day. With a ring on your left hand, you are already deep into the planning stages of a country or outdoor wedding.

You’re looking for rustic invitations to help you realize your vision.

5 Sunflower Wedding Invites for Rustic Chic Weddings

These 10 invitations, which feature bright colors and extravagant flowers, are perfect for outdoor weddings. You can choose from rustic or more formal invitations.

Quintessential Sunflower Wedding Invitations

This unique sunflower wedding invitations has a bronze and gold glow and features hand-drawn illustrations and gold foil accents. It also includes a mixture of typography. The wedding details are placed to the right and a single flower is drawn to the left. The couple’s names are written in a bronze font with all caps. A mixture of yellow and golden is used throughout the text. It is perfect for summer and fall weddings, as it strikes a pleasant balance between elegant and playful.

Elegant  Sunflower 

This wedding invitation is perfect for rustic and country weddings. This floral invitation features simple sans-serif fonts on a gray background with white framed. The top and bottom corners are adorned with two large, vibrant sunflowers that frame the details of the wedding. The coordinating save-the-date and thank you notes feature identical designs. Each component is enclosed in a gold foil envelope.

Radiant  Sunflower Wedding Invitations

Can you feel the sun? This rustic sunflower invitation is bright and cheerful, just like the wedding ceremony. This elegant design is perfect for a summer or spring wedding. It features illustrated flowers and greenery. This design is a beautiful combination of neutrals and greens that will bring a feeling of sunshine to all your wedding guests. You’ll get everyone counting down until your big day by having it enclosed in a stark green envelope.

Foil Stamped  Sunflower 

This wedding stationery is elegantly designed with gold foil sketches and a rich, burgundy background. This is a great choice for an Indian Wedding because the large sunflower illustration almost looks just like a gold leaf Mandala. Each component is enclosed in a gold-lined envelope. Save the date and thank you notes also feature ornate details. Save the date cards feature an engagement photo of the happy couple to help generate excitement for the celebration.

Playful Florals  Sunflower Wedding Invitations

You are about to see your rustic country wedding come to life. This simple, sunflower-themed wedding invitation will help you execute your wedding plans perfectly. It also includes a thank you and save the date. It matches rustic chic wedding themes perfectly with its vibrant bouquet, simple sans serif typography and clean white envelopes.

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