Wedding Gown Hydrangea: Double the flower power

The “Limelight” wedding gown hydrangea, with all the minty fresh flower heads that were the same size as my head (see below) was what I thought was the best.

Then, I found ‘Wedding Gown. Hydrangea macrophylla’s ‘Double Delights Wedding Gown” (also known by ‘Dancing Snow”) blooms will make you think of ruffles or lace.

“Limelights” will always have a home in my garden. I already have two in my front yard and one in my backyard, but I am making room for more “Wedding Gowns”. Here are the reasons:

This dwarf shrub is very well-behaved and can be used in a small garden or a container. The ‘Wedding Gown” will reach its full height in two years. It can grow to three feet tall by three feet wide. Southern Ontario-based Connon Nurseries reports that it can be leggy with as much as a foot of clearance above the ground but, so far, my just-turning-2-years-old ‘Wedding Gown’ isn’t showing signs of lifting its skirts any time soon.

There’s no need to maintain high-maintenance. You can get glamour and style without spending a lot of money. The ‘Wedding Gown hydrangeas like well-drained soil, which is no surprise. But that’s not the only thing this beauty insists on. You can prune it if necessary. It will bloom on both old and newly cut wood. Some sources say that the ‘Wedding Gown” thrives in shade, while others recommend planting it in full sunlight. My little “wedding gown hydrangea” is flourishing in full sun from midday to noon. It is shaded by the enormous maple tree canopy.

This shrub is a great example of how to show off your plant. These dark, matte leaves look great and help to bring out the sparkle of the flowers better than velvet curtains with a spot-lit diva dressed in white satin. The shrub can rebloom all summer, so you’ll be able to put on quite the show.

It is more difficult than it appears. The “Wedding Gown” hydrangeas are said to be very sensitive to pollution. This is the best shrub to use if you have a small garden downtown. If you plan to add it to a roof or balcony garden, be sure to place it in a protected spot. The darling won’t be happy in places exposed to wind or harsh winters (even though it is hardy to Zone 5b).

Take note, brides: Hydrangeas can be used as cut flowers. These hydrangeas are a wonderful choice for floral arrangements at your reception and wedding ceremony. A bridal bouquet with ‘Wedding gowns’ will add an extra level of WOW! The ‘Wedding Gowns’ hydrangeas are perfect for sentimental types. Ask your florist about Freedom, a pink-tinged Hydrangea from the Double Delights Series, if your wedding theme requires more colour.

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