Peach Wedding Dress: The Light Salmon Wedding Dress

We have been looking at our top 2012 wedding trends. We love classic white wedding gowns but have been embracing light colored wedding dresses. We have already talked about the stunning blush-colored wedding gowns; now we will focus on the equally beautiful soft peach wedding dress and light salmon dresses.

A fashion trend is the soft peach wedding dress and salmon-colored wedding gowns.

wedding dresses are a trend, but we’re not sure if that should be called lightly. From blush-colored wedding gowns to light salmon and soft peach wedding dresses, this “trend” has serious staying power. We love light salmon and soft wedding dresses. Let’s count the many ways they delight us.

A soft peach or salmon-colored wedding gown will flatter a variety of skin tones. If you have a darker skin tone, a light salmon dress will compliment and warm it, making you radiant.

Peach wedding dress cool skin tones:

The peach tint compliments your skin’s tone and gives you a radiant glow.

Olive skin tones: Two words, pure perfection. We have light salmon wedding dresses in almost any color! You’ll glow with warmth if you choose the right shade of salmon rose for your skin tone.

Light salmon wedding dresses will make you stand out among the many brides who opt for more traditional white dresses. However, the subtle peachy hue will still make you look like a bride. You might feel like a peachy-keen bride if you choose one of these light peach or salmon colored wedding dresses.

Shoppe for light salmon-colored wedding dresses

After admiring the stunning peach wedding dress and salmon-colored wedding gowns, we suggest you visit our post about the Pronovias 2012 Bridal collection. We could stare at them for hours!

You can order white or ivory wedding gowns in most of these pale salmon and soft pink styles. We hope that you enjoy the softly-colored wedding gowns fashion trend as much we do. This is one of our favourite 2012 wedding trends, for many reasons.

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