Walmart Wedding Bands: The Pros and Con

You should make shopping for your spouse’s wedding bands an easy task. It’s not always easy. There are less options for the groom than for other people, but you need to think about what metals he prefers and what qualities are most important for him. While platinum and gold are still the most preferred metals for a wedding band, tungsten has been growing in popularity. Tungsten Walmart Wedding Bands are a great alternative to traditional wedding bands and can save you a lot of money. These are the seven benefits and disadvantages of Tungsten Walmart wedding bands for your groom.

Pro: Strength and Durability Walmart Wedding Bands

The strength and durability of tungsten is a popular choice for many grooms. Tungsten Walmart Wedding Bands are scratch-resistant and won’t bend as easily than other precious or alternate metals due to their hardness. Tungsten’s shine will not fade over the years so the ring will still look great long after the wedding.

Con: Brittleness, Breakability

Tungsten’s hardness has its down sides. The fact is that tungsten is more breakable than gold (which is soft and malleable). The tungsten ring may shatter or crack if it is dropped or accidentally smashed against a hard surface. Broken tungsten cannot be repaired by jewelers, so an accident like this can make the ring unwearable permanently. Any man who uses his hands to make a tungsten band for his wedding should be cautious.

Pro: Unique Look Walmart Wedding Bands

Tungsten is distinguished from platinum and gold wedding bands by its unique appearance. It is available in black, gray, or white-making it ideal to avoid traditional gold and silver colors. The metal’s modern, sleek appearance appeals to many grooms.

Con: Can’t be resized

Another downside of tungsten’s hardness is that wedding bands made from it can’t be resized. Adjusting the metal will only lead to its breaking. This feature could cause problems in the future as the band may not be able adjust for the perfect fit.

Pro: Affordability Walmart Wedding Bands

Tungsten bands, like all other alternative metals are a cost-effective alternative to precious metal rings. A high-quality tungsten band can be purchased for $200. Gold and platinum rings can go for between $500 and $1,000. You can replace a broken tungsten ring with a new one if you have the funds.

Con: Heaviness

Because tungsten, a dense metal, has a high weight. Personal preference is key here. Some men like solid, substantial jewellery while others prefer lightweight metals.

Pro: Hypoallergenic Properties

Tungsten will not cause an allergic reaction. A tungsten band can be worn by grooms who are sensitive to gold or other metals without any concern.

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