Who wears a “Wedding Boutonniere” dress?

These tiny bouquets of flowers are often reserved for VIPs. But as you begin to plan your wedding, you may be asking yourself: Who really needs a boutonniere for their big day? This is a list of people most likely to be given boutonnieres. However, it’s a good idea to talk with your wedding florist about this to ensure that they honor the right people and stick to the budget. (Depending on the style, boutonnieres are time-consuming and expensive so make sure you choose carefully! These are the basics of wedding boutonnieres: what are they, who should wear them, how to look for them, and much more.

What is a wedding boutonniere, exactly?

A boutonniere can be a single or small group of flowers. It is usually reserved for formal occasions such as weddings. Boutonnieres are sometimes called “buttonholes” depending on where you live. They are worn over the heart on the left side of a suit jacket or tuxedo jacket. The flower stems were traditionally placed through a small buttonhole at the lapel. However, modern jackets don’t include this buttonhole so it is common to use pins to fasten the boutonniere. If you don’t want to wear a jacket, your boutonniere can be pinned to a vest or dress shirt or suspender.

What is the cost of a wedding boutonniere?

A boutonniere costs less than a wedding bouquet, or centerpiece, but it’s still important to include it in your overall budget. (FYI: Most couples spend around eight percent of their wedding budget on flowers). You need to think about how many boutonnieres will you order for your wedding. More details on that later. Also, keep in mind that certain flowers are more expensive than others.

What flowers are you using for a bozniere for a wedding?

The short version: Wedding boutonnieres should be worn by members of the wedding party as well as immediate family members who are wearing a suit, tuxedo, or similar. These are the details.


The groom or grooms should be the first to think about when it comes to choosing a boutonniere for a wedding. So that the groom stands out, his boutonniere might be more intricate or unique than other boutonniere-wearers. We’ve seen boutonnieres with feathers, Legos and action figures as well as guitar picks, pinwheels and other creative options. While most boutonnieres for grooms are floral, there are also more creative options. This is a great way to let a groom show his personality and interests.

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